Environmentally Friendly Simple Recycling

Please Note that this service is temporarily suspended at this time.

Simple Recycling enhances and diversifies curbside recycling efforts and offers Taylor residents more and easier options – all at no cost. This program started on February 29, 2016.

About the Program

The program is simple. The company’s clearly marked box trucks will circulate through the community, mirroring the City’s every-other-week recycling schedule. Simple Recycling will offer large, green company-branded plastic bags to residents, who can fill them up with clothing and home goods and leave them curbside next to your recycling bin. Do not put the bags inside of your recycling bin.

This program is very useful for disposing of clothing but can be used for household goods like dishes or silverware, and even small lights, chairs, appliances, televisions or radios. In addition to the green bags provided by the company, Simple Recycling also offers green stickers that can be used on items not fitting in the bag, or if a resident runs out of bags.

If it is a household good, and one man can pick it up and put it in the truck, we’ll take it, said Scott Brady of Simple Recycling. We can’t take large couches and things like that – one man can’t handle it. But if it’s smaller, we’ll take it.

The program not only comes at no cost, but also will produce a small revenue stream (the company pays $20 per ton collected back to the City of Taylor). The program should reduce the community’s overall waste collection and fees to the landfill.

According to the company, clothing and general home goods account for approximately 10% of the residential waste stream. Eighty-five percent of textiles are not recycled or donated, accounting for almost 20 billion pounds per year in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each person throws out an average of 68 pounds of clothing each year.

This program will not impact any resident’s choice of making charitable contributions to organizations like Purple Heart, etc. Brady mentioned that charitable donations have actually increased in some of the communities where Simple Recycling does business.

The company’s sister organization manages clothing and household discard donations in partnership with non-profit groups.

This is a very solid program that will offer our residents another curbside service at zero cost, Mayor Rick Sollars said. Once the items are sorted at the local thrift stores, the remaining items are packaged and exported to other countries for more sorting and possible future use. Once this occurs, the remaining ’unusable’ items are shredded into fiber – and nothing makes it into a landfill.

The company will be mailing information on the program out to all residents.

Need Extra Bags?

If you need extra bags, call 866-835-5068, visit the Simple Recycling Website or email the program.