Probation Department


The Probation Department oversees defendants sentenced to probation supervision. The department is also responsible for Pre-sentence Investigations and Substance Abuse Screening and Assessments of defendants referred by the judges of the 23rd District Court.

Probation Department Staff

Probation Department Clerk's office, 734-374-1326

RDWI Coordinator and Probation Officer Steve DeSmet, 734-374-2747
RDWI Probation Officer Emily Teceno, 734-374-1325
RDWI Clerk and Case Manager Amy Maudlin, 734-374-1324

Probation Officer Anna Young, 734-374-1323
Probation Officer Shannon O'Connor, 734-374-1368
Probation Officer and RDWI Law Enforcement Officer Joe Jelsomeno, 734-374-1351

​Probation reminders 

  • Immediately report any changes of address or telephone number to your probation officer directly

  • Report on time - as scheduled.  A missed appointment is a violation

  • Strictly adhere to all of your probation terms

  • Obey all laws of this State or any subdivision of the State 

  • Proper attire required for probation appointments 

  • Random drug tests will not be rescheduled