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  1. Applications for the Rental Assistance Program are closed at this time. 
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As part of the ongoing “Taylor Together” campaign to battle the effects of the worldwide pandemic, the City will allocate up to $187,500 in CARES Act funding for Residential Rental Assistance grants.  

The “Taylor Together” program was created to help businesses and residents of the City battle the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taylor has assisted with and handed out loans and grants to support qualifying businesses, and has loosened restriction against restaurants and taverns to make outdoor serving easier. In fact, Taylor recently extended its reductions and waivers of fees in an effort to continue to support beleaguered businesses at this time.

This Residential Rental Assistance program is designed to help low income households whose gross household income is less than 80 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI). The CARES Act gives Taylor the opportunity to support low-to-moderate income families who face unprecedented financial hardship. 

The campaign and application period begins Monday, March 8 and runs until March 22, 2021. One grant opportunity will be available per household. Awards are not first-come first-serve and applicants will be notified four to six weeks after the March 22 deadline.

To apply, please call (734) 287-6550 and inquire with one of the City’s customer service representatives. They can email you an application, or you can pick up one at the greeter’s desk inside the Goddard Road entrance to City Hall, 23555 Goddard Road.

Once the complete application is reviewed, the applicant will be notified regarding the status of their application. Payment will be issued to the owner as documented with the Assessing office (if the facility is an unregistered rental property, it will have an opportunity to register during this process). If there is a management company that will be handling the rental payment, please provide us with a contract between the owner and the management company.

Grants are intended to provide funding to help residents who are delinquent or are having difficulty with their rent because of COVID related hardships. The required documents necessary to include with the application are:

  • Home must be a registered rental property with the City of Taylor
  • 2019 or 2020 Federal Income Tax return 
  • Copy of Lease Agreement
  • Tenants Driver’s License or State issued ID (must match address on the lease)
  • Utility Bill with Owner/Tenant Name
  • Landlord/Owner signed W9
  • Landlord/Owner Affidavit
  • Conflict of interest form (if applicable)
  • Documentation of source of income; Pay stubs, Unemployment letter, Social Security award letter 
  • Documentation of amount rent owed
  • Signed 4506-T

Falsifying information within the application or an incomplete application will lead to disqualification. Applications that are incomplete or missing financials, proof of ownership, complete W-9 or an unregistered rental dwelling will not be considered. 

  • Must be a Taylor Resident
  • Must have household income at or less than 80% of Wayne County median income
  • Inability to pay due to job loss, reduced work hours or other income hardships caused by COVID-19
  • Landlord/Owner must be in agreement to participate in the program (no payments will be made directly to the tenant)
  • Please disclose all persons with conflicts on the application in regards to being a City of Taylor employee/elected official/appointed official/consultant/contractor or being a relation of an employee.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the property a registered rental that is in compliance with the City of Taylor Building Department? If the property is currently not registered, we cannot accept your application.


Is the Landlord/Owner agreeing to participate in the Rental Assistance Program? If the answer is no, we cannot assist the tenant without approval for the Landlord/Owner.

Do I have to be delinquent to be eligible for the Rental Assistance Program? No, you just have to fall within the income guideline and requirements of the program.

Are the grants awarded on a first-come first-serve basis? No, applications will be accepted from March 8-22, 2021 and the applicants will be notified four to six weeks after the March 22 deadline.

If I do not have a computer, how do I obtain a copy of the application? You can contact us at 734-287-6550 and we can mail you an application or you may pick one up from the greeters desk inside City Hall

How do I access the application online? See the documents linked on this page.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Taylor Resident
  • Inability to pay due to loss of job, reduced work hours, or other income hardships caused by COVID-19
  • Must have household income at or less than 80 percent of Wayne County median income
  • Landlord/owner must be in agreement to participate in the program

Who will receive the check if awarded, the tenant or the landlord? The owner/landlord who is documented with the City of Taylor Assessor’s office will receive the check

How many times can I apply for the grant? Once per household. 

How much is the grant worth? A one-time payment of $1,500.